Sunday, April 3, 2016

Promoting March Nutrition Month 2016

 At FES we  promote wellness everyday and everywhere. This month we had fun creating new giant paper mache' fruits and vegetables that catch your attention as soon as you walk into the building. Students and staff were guided by our creative art teacher Bonnie Taylor and the results are truly remarkable. The pictures below show how much fun we had with our very own March Madness project.
Giant fruit bowl
Fruit crafters

It is hard to picture the finished product at this early stage

It is important to protect your clothes

Family fun

MS Garden Club helps out

Kindergarten students enjoying the display

Friday, March 4, 2016

Handouts and Links for first 2 weeks of Nutrition Month

Dear Teachers and Parents:

FES will be celebrating National National Nutrition Month school-wide. Each week we will focus on the 5-2-1-0 message through the announcements, our wellness blog and by sending health information handouts/links to teachers and parents. PE classes will learn about My Plate and Lets Go 5210 .Specialists in music, library, art, computer, health and Spanish will integrate nutrition information in their classes. We hope you enjoy our front lobby display. These giant fruits and vegetables were made by staff and students, under the supervision of art teacher, Bonnie Taylor.

Handouts for Week 1 (Focus on 5 or more fruits and vegetables)

Week 2=2 hours or less a day of screen time and other nutrition info.

Computer Activities and Educational sites:

Friday, February 26, 2016

March Nutrition Letter to Parents 2016


Dear Parents/ Guardians,
FES will be celebrating National National Nutrition Month school-wide. Each week we will focus on the 5-2-1-0 message through the announcements, our wellness blog and by sending health information handouts/links to teachers and parents. Specialists in PE,music, library, art, computer, health and Spanish will integrate nutrition information in their classes.  All students will participate in Read Maine Agriculture on Mar. 22. Guest readers will read the book “Potatoes for ME” in the cafeteria. Classroom teachers will receive a copy of the book and activity guide.

The First Lady is once again teaming up with PBS flagship station WGBH Boston, the U.S. Department of Education, and the U.S. Department of Agriculture to host the fifth annual Healthy Lunchtime Challenge to promote cooking and healthy eating among young people across the nation.
The challenge invites kids ages 8-12, in collaboration with a parent or guardian, to create an original recipe that is healthy, affordable, and delicious. One winner from each U.S. state, territory, and the District of Columbia will win the opportunity to be flown to Washington, DC and the opportunity to attend the 2016 Kids’ “State Dinner” here at the White House, where a selection of the winning recipes will be served. Kids will also have the opportunity to learn from television personality and member of the President’s Council on Fitness, Sports and Nutrition Rachael Ray.
More information on healthy eating, interactive games, and children’s recipes are available at Let's Go and My Plate Kids. We hope you join us at home to celebrate Nutrition Month.

FES Wellness Committee

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Growing Valentines 2016

Such fun when 5th grade buddies help Kindergarteners!

This is the third year that Falmouth Elementary students have planted hundreds of bulbs to bloom just in time for Valentine's Day. While they grow, students nurture and observe them inside our building. Just as they are about to bloom, we reach out and deliver these heartfelt Growing Valentines to seniors in Southern Maine.  Several private and civic senior communities have been designated as distribution centers. Some of these locations include, Ocean View, Falmouth By the Sea, Foreside Harbour, Sedgewood Commons, Piper Shores, and Falmouth Memorial Library. Special recognition for organizing and implementing this project goes to first grade teacher, Cathlyn Langston.
Many students throughout FES participated in this fun-filled project. Here is a summary from 5th grade teacher Amy Wheeler "We had a great time today planting valentines with our kindergarten buddies. There was lots of fantastic communicating and cooperating going on which are two huge goals of this mentor program between fifth and kindergarten. I am really excited at the questions that came up for fifth-graders about how bulbs work, What a paperwhite looks like, and how they grow without soil! We also have some misconceptions to clear up since many kids thought these were avocados we were planting. This fits perfectly into our non-fiction reading unit which introduces primary research projects to fifth grade. After vacation we will use this topic as a model before children pick their own topics to explore. Good times and a nice unplanned connection to reading!"

5th grade and K buddies
4th graders graphing their observvations
Mrs. McNally's K class bringing bulbs to the lobby
Happy Bulb Recipients
Luna the service dog delivering Valentines!
Mrs. Voisine's 2nd grade Bulbs

Ready for delivery!

Sunday, November 1, 2015

The Roly-Poly Pumpkin Contest

Throughout the month of October we sponsored a school wide pumpkin contest. Two pumpkins grown in the Learning Garden were affectionately named Roly and Poly. All classes went outside to analyze the pumpkins. Each class estimated weight and seed count using math and science lessons. Roly and Poly moved into the front hallway in mid-October. Students organized the data from lowest to highest estimates. Class winners were announced over the morning announcements. This contest incorporates the garden into the classroom in whimsical fashion!

Estimating and analyzing pupmkins

Mrs. Arsenault discussing pumpkins
Mrs. Clark's class estimating weight 

A captive audience learning about pumpkins

Front hallway display

Students from Mrs. Merrifield's class collating the data

Mrs. Booth's class won the seed estimate

Mrs. Defoliart's class won the weight estimate

Mrs. Goldman's class won the weight estimate

Mrs. Lallemand's class won the seed estimate

Mrs. Stiles class won the weight estimate

Mrs. Voisine's class won the seed estimate
Mr. Olins class counted and roasted pumpkin seeds

Monday, October 12, 2015

Fall Harvesting and Learning

The Learning Garden has been bustling with activity over the past few weeks. Students harvested vegetables,  and husked corn for Maine Harvest Lunch Week. Monarch butterflies were tagged and released for their migration journey southward. Apples were harvested and cooked into sauce. Cabbage and carrots were made into school garden slaw. We are enjoying the beautiful fall garden while we learn.....
2nd Graders picking flowers for the cafeteria.

1st grade corn husking
Mrs. Poliquin demonstrating corn husking

Ready for Maine Harvest Lunch

Corn husking with Jen Meserve
Angie Clark enjoying Harvest Stew

1st graders with Kate Bacon getting ready to harvest apples.

Separating eating apples from cooking apples very carefully.

Reviewing the School Garden Slaw Recipe

1st graders releasing tagged monarch butterflies with Josh Olins

Laurie Winslow tags the monarchs for us!

Look carefully at the zinnia to see who is hanging out in the garden!