Sunday, October 19, 2014

The Great Pumpkin Contest at FES

During the first week of October all classes went outside and observed two large pumpkins in the garden, named Nick and Penny. Each class was challenged with estimating the weight and number of seeds in the pumpkins. Teachers and students used scientific and mathematical observations to arrive at their estimates, which were posted on a board in the main hallway. This week Nick and Penny were weighed. We were amazed to find that their weight only differed by 1/10th of a pound! 

NICK weighed 22 pounds. Class estimates ranged from 4 to 100 pounds. The closest estimates were from Mrs. Lallemand and Mr. Rosenblum (both guessed 21 pounds).
PENNY weighed 22.1 pounds. Class estimates ranged from 6 to 99 pounds. The closest estimates were from Mrs. Voisine and Mrs. Merrifield (both guessed 22 pounds). 

Later in the month the seeds in each pumpkin will be counted and the winners will be announced on Halloween. The pictures below show the story of unique ways that teachers turned the contest into a fun learning experience.

Penny Pumpkin in the garden
4th grade students observing Nick

Class Estimates in the front hallway
Mrs. Story's class learning about pumpkins

Ms. Wheeler's 5th grade calculations

First Graders hearing a pumpkin story

Mrs. Voisine's class
Mrs. Lallemand's class

Mrs. Merrifield's class

Mr. Rosenblum's class
1st graders estimating weight

Mrs. Merrifield's students organizing the board

October Wellness~ Walk to School and Garden Updates

We are embracing the month of October at FES with outdoor wellness activities. Students from Grades 1-5 walked to school on the first Tuesday in October. We believe that students are more attentive when they start the day with some physical activity.  An Eagle Scout Project was completed by Falmouth high school student  Peter Morrisette. He  built and installed a new handicapped accessible garden bed along with 2 hoop house covers that will allow us to extend the garden season. We appreciate and recognize Peter for his excellent workmanship and lasting gift to the Learning Garden.  Check out the pictures of our outdoor October activities.

A morning walk to School

The new handicapped accessible raised garden bed

Hoop house Covers

Bullfrog sighted by Mrs. Merrifield's class
2nd Grade Dahlias are still blooming

Bree Bianchi and the miniature carrot 

Good morning, morning glories
Beautiful Veggies

Showing off the garden produce!

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Who Has Been Seen In The Garden?

Many teachers are taking advantage of beautiful fall weather to use the garden as their classroom. The entire first grade shucked hundreds of ears of corn during Maine Harvest Lunch Week. Other classes have used the Garden for observations that have led to writings and drawings. 

Our school wide pumpkin contest began on Oct. 1. There are two large pumpkins in the garden, named Nick and Penny. The challenge is on for each class to estimate the weight and number of seeds in each pumpkin. Math and science lessons will lead to their conclusions. The winners will be announced later in October. Our photos tell us WHO HAS BEEN SEEN IN THE GARDEN.

Ms. Conley harvesting purple beans
The Cutest Carrot ever!

Hardworking 1st graders with Mrs. Goldman,Mrs. Meserve& Mrs. Edwards

Superintendent Bruno and Mrs. Walker

Mrs. Poliquin & first grade 
Mrs. Farmer and Kindergarten students drawing in the garden

Mrs. Arsenault and the Pumpkin Contest

Estimating the weight of the pumpkin
Pumpkin vines donated by Mrs. Penrod

Mrs. Clay with garden flowers
Mrs. Daigle's class

Cafeteria decorations from the garden

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Integrating the Garden into School, Fall 2014

The first three weeks of school have been beautiful in the garden. Students have harvested tomatoes, onions, garlic, peppers, delicata squash and carrots from the raised beds. Next week many of these vegetables will be used in our school cafeteria for MAINE HARVEST LUNCH WEEK. Teachers are integrating the garden into their curriculum in many ways. The pictures below tell the story of the FES Learning Garden, September 2014.
1st grade Pizza Garden

Produce transported to the cafeteria
K/5 Rainbow Garden

Garden Flowers Decorate the Front Lobby
Math Studies in the Garden
3rd Grade Garden Poetry

Rainbow Carrots!
Carrot Harvesting

First Grade gets an unexpected insect lesson- a tomato hornworm!

Sunday, August 31, 2014


It has been a great summer for gardening. The FES Learning Garden is ready for students to return to school. This summer we donated tomatoes, beans and cucumbers to the Falmouth Food Pantry. The recipients at the Food Pantry were very appreciative to receive these lovely vegetables. Soon students will be harvesting vegetables for their school lunch. Enjoy the pictures of our late summer garden.
The entrance to the butterfly garden 
Sensory Garden is flourishing
Indigo blue tomatoes
K/5 Rainbow Garden

Where is this big pumpkin?

Special Ed. students planted this bed
Beautiful dahlias in the 2nd grade bed

Welcome Back to Fall!