Sunday, March 23, 2014

See how we celebrate Nutrition Month at FES


FES is celebrating National National Nutrition Month school-wide. All grade levels received a copy of the book “Janey Junkfood’s Fresh Adventure”. This book offers children a fun way to get off the junk food track and makes healthy eating fun. It is  based on the Foodplay Production that all students saw in December. Each week we are focusing on the 5-2-1-0 message and My Plate. Specialists in PE, music, library, art, computer and health are integrating nutrition information in their classes.

We began the promotion with a healthy food “rap” that was performed by Principal John Flaherty and Paula Kennedy on morning announcements. 5th grade students are singing healthy raps during morning announcements the last week in March. On Friday,March, 28th  the cafeteria will “wrap up the month” by serving a healthy chicken caesar wrap for lunch.  More information on healthy eating is available at , , and The pictures highlight our school-wide celebration.

Giant Fruits and Vegetables decorate the front lobby

Broccoli and Grapes!

5th graders studying sugar content of drinks in Health

5th graders learning about MY PLATE

1st graders point out their favorite vegetable

Playing My Plate in PE

Library Display
March Taste Testing
Dr. Seuss Lunch

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Signs of Spring~Its Maple Sugar Season

March is a transitional month in Maine. Daytime temperatures above freezing and nighttime temperatures below freezing provide perfect conditions for maple syrup production. First grade teacher Josh Olins recently brought his students outside to the Peace Park to tap a maple tree on a sunny March day. The pictures below tell the story of this unique outdoor learning opportunity. It is a hopeful sign of spring!

Finding the perfect maple tree
Tapping the tree

Watching for syrup

Pancake and Syrup Production

Finished product!

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Growing Valentines, Cultivating Community

Falmouth Elementary School students are planting hundreds of bulbs to bloom just in time for Valentine’s Day. While they grow, students will nurture and observe them inside our building. Just as they are about to bloom, we will reach out and deliver these heartfelt Growing Valentines to seniors in our community.
For each senior that an elementary school family anonymously “adopts” FES volunteers will deliver a Growing Valentine as a gift from their friends at Falmouth Elementary School. Deliveries will be made in bulk sometime during the week of February tenth. Several private and civic locations have been designated as distribution centers. These locations include Ocean View (assisted and independent living), Falmouth By the Sea, Foreside Harbor, Sedgewood Commons and Falmouth Memorial Library.
❤ Many families have "adopted" a senior community member to help us spread love & goodwill across town as we wait together for hopeful signs of spring to arrive. The pictures below are an example of these beautiful living valentines that are growing at FES.
All proceeds will benefit Falmouth Elementary School Wellness Committee for the promotion and improvement of outdoor play & learning. This project was made possible by the very generous discount provided by Skillins Greenhouse and Ruth’s Reusables Resources. Thank you!
❤ Check our blog in a few weeks for an update of this Cultivating Community Project.

4th graders working with preschoolers

Scientific Studies

Front Hallway Display

3rd Grader studying plant growth

Growing Valentines

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Seed Sale

Hello Friends,
Please help our gardens grow!
FALMOUTH SCHOOL GARDENS SEED SALE-The Falmouth Schools Farm to School Group is sponsoring a flower, herb, and vegetable seed sale through Fedco Seeds of Waterville, Maine. The profits will benefit the existing gardens at all schools.This is a great opportunity to purchase organic and non-organic seeds for your home flower beds and vegetable gardens. Simply download the order forms, mark your purchases, pay by check made out to FHS (Falmouth High School), and send it to the elementary school in an envelope marked FALMOUTH HIGH SCHOOL SEED SALE by March 7th.

Hard copies of the order form are available in the elementary school office.
Payment must accompany the order. Orders should be here for pick up by late March. Please contact Sue Raatikainen ( at FES with questions.

Thank you for your support and happy planting!!

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

FOODPLAY comes to FES!

FOODPLAY is a national award-winning theater show promoting healthy eating and exercise habits.  Its cast of colorful characters, fantastic feats of juggling, motivating messages, music, magic, and fun came to FES on  Friday, December 13th, thanks to a generous grant from the Falmouth Education Foundation.
During the fun-filled performance, children follow the antics of Johnny Junkfood, whose dream is to become a national juggling star, but keeps dropping the balls. The problem – his poor eating habits! With the help of the “Coach” of the National Junior Juggling Team and the audience of enthusiastic elementary school children, Johnny learns how to juggle the foods he eats to wind up with a balanced diet. FOODPLAY introduced USDA’s new MyPlate food guide, helping children learn to fill half their plates with a rainbow of colors from fruits and vegetables, choose GO foods from all five food groups, and cut down on soda and sweetened drinks. Children learn how to see through TV commercials, decipher food labels, and make choices that are good for their health and good for the health of the planet. As the children walk away to the beat of “Treat Your Body Right!” FOODPLAY’s message comes in loud and clear – feed healthy foods to your body, positive messages to your mind, and have fun being active every day!
For more information on Foodplay, free snack recipes,and tips for kids and families: Other kids' health information is available at

The Wellness Team extends a special thanks to Martha Poliquin,Food Service Director,Kim Walker, Kitchen Manager and all of the wonderful kitchen staff for their hard work in bringing healthy GO foods to our school lunch daily. We also wish to thank FEF (Falmouth Education Foundation) for their support of wellness activities in Falmouth. 

How soda destroys teeth
FES students enjoying the show

Friday, November 22, 2013

The Garden is Put to Bed

The Learning Garden is officially put to bed for the winter season. The pictures below show students  harvesting vegetables, planting garlic and daffodil bulbs that we will all enjoy next year. We have had a successful fall garden season at FES and look forward to gardening again in the spring.
3rd Graders from Mrs. Brown's class

Planting daffodils

Kindergarteners from Mrs. Guerra's class planting bulbs

5th grade buddy helps Kindergarteners
Mr. Olins class harvesting basil
Mrs. Bacon's class learns about vegetables
Mrs. Bacon's Class working in the garden
Preschool and 4th grade harvesting the stew garden

Harvesting rutabagas

Mrs. Bianchi's
4th grade class and preschool

Goodnight, Garden

Monday, November 18, 2013

After School Garden Club Weeks 4-6

Check out this video of the Garden Club Kids cooking in the kitchen with Martha Poliquin!


The video and all pictures below are from Amy Winton.
On Week 4 students planted daffodil bulbs around the front of the school. 

Bulb Planting in front of FES
Ready to plant!
More bulb planting
Week 5 =cooking Kale Chips in the FES Cafeteria.
Preparing Kale Chips 
Cafeteria Tour 

Cooking with Martha
Week 6= Putting the Garden to Bed
Harvesting marigolds

Final vegetable harvest

A bed of straw

Garden Club Kids