Sunday, November 1, 2015

The Roly-Poly Pumpkin Contest

Throughout the month of October we sponsored a school wide pumpkin contest. Two pumpkins grown in the Learning Garden were affectionately named Roly and Poly. All classes went outside to analyze the pumpkins. Each class estimated weight and seed count using math and science lessons. Roly and Poly moved into the front hallway in mid-October. Students organized the data from lowest to highest estimates. Class winners were announced over the morning announcements. This contest incorporates the garden into the classroom in whimsical fashion!

Estimating and analyzing pupmkins

Mrs. Arsenault discussing pumpkins
Mrs. Clark's class estimating weight 

A captive audience learning about pumpkins

Front hallway display

Students from Mrs. Merrifield's class collating the data

Mrs. Booth's class won the seed estimate

Mrs. Defoliart's class won the weight estimate

Mrs. Goldman's class won the weight estimate

Mrs. Lallemand's class won the seed estimate

Mrs. Stiles class won the weight estimate

Mrs. Voisine's class won the seed estimate
Mr. Olins class counted and roasted pumpkin seeds

Monday, October 12, 2015

Fall Harvesting and Learning

The Learning Garden has been bustling with activity over the past few weeks. Students harvested vegetables,  and husked corn for Maine Harvest Lunch Week. Monarch butterflies were tagged and released for their migration journey southward. Apples were harvested and cooked into sauce. Cabbage and carrots were made into school garden slaw. We are enjoying the beautiful fall garden while we learn.....
2nd Graders picking flowers for the cafeteria.

1st grade corn husking
Mrs. Poliquin demonstrating corn husking

Ready for Maine Harvest Lunch

Corn husking with Jen Meserve
Angie Clark enjoying Harvest Stew

1st graders with Kate Bacon getting ready to harvest apples.

Separating eating apples from cooking apples very carefully.

Reviewing the School Garden Slaw Recipe

1st graders releasing tagged monarch butterflies with Josh Olins

Laurie Winslow tags the monarchs for us!

Look carefully at the zinnia to see who is hanging out in the garden!

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Welcome Back to Fall 2015/ Who Has been Seen in the Garden?

The Learning Garden is overflowing with vegetables, flowers, students and teachers who are enjoying the warm September days in the garden. Follow the pictures below to see how we integrate the school garden into our fall curriculum and cafeteria. 

Mrs. Bacon's first grade class harvesting tomatoes
Kindergarteners love the garden!

Observations of nature

Mrs. Farmer's Kindergarten basking in garden fun
Mrs. Paradis, Mrs. Mowatt & Mrs. Duncan 
There is so much to explore.

Picking tomatoes with Mrs. Grover while 2nd Grade Art with Mrs. Taylor is in the upper slope.

2nd grade Art with Mrs. Taylor

Mrs. Clay with her beautiful pollinator bed

Sisters and sunflowers

Ms. Conley instructing students how to harvest carrots

Rare sighting of a Monarch butterfly visiting the Learning Garden

Thursday, June 4, 2015

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the Learning Garden!

It has been 2 years since a group of dedicated staff, students and parents constructed our learning garden. Over the past few weeks we have seen the garden "spring" back to life once again. Perennials are blooming and spreading across the upper slope. Vegetables and annual flowers have been planted in the raised beds. New art projects adorn the pergola, the fence and the sensory bed. Plants grown by students and donated by staff/parents were sold at the Wellness Fair Plant Sale. We encourage all staff and students to visit the garden before summer vacation and say HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Donations for the plant sale
Plant Sale to benefit school gardens

Mrs. Gredler's students learning about seeds

Mrs. Clay and students observing the garden

2nd grade garden art

In the garden we grow and learn

The pergola is a perfect place to work
3rd graders planting cucumbers

Selecting seeds to plant!

New Garden Art from Mrs. Taylors' After School Club

Pumpkin growing though the chair

Spring perennials

Sensory Bed rocks and returns to life!